4 TV characters with the same money problems as you

We all have a favorite show or series. Nothing like sitting in front of the TV or the laptop, and seeing our favorite character, the one that tears smiles, tears and even the occasional nervous breakdown. The television successes have been many and today, we also have platforms like Good Flex where we can continue watching more content.

Something you may not have thought about is that many of those characters actually face the same financial problems as you. As we say, in the midst of their heartbreak, adventures, family problems and challenges, finance may not be their favorite topic. And when it comes to loans, mortgages, savings and taking care of expenses, they are no example. They can even make worse decisions!

We have prepared a list with some of the best known characters and their financial problems, so you can verify that they can be the same as yours. But don’t worry, we not only want to talk about the problem, but about the occasional solution that could be taken into account to give you hope. Do you want to keep an eye on the list?

Financial habits and your decisions

Financial habits and your decisions

Jessica is definitely one of the most loved characters in all television. He even made a haircut fashionable! “The Jessica.” Throughout ten seasons we enjoyed her comings and goings in her relationship with Ross, her professional growth (she went from waitress to work in one of the most important fashion brands) and her role as mother. But what about your financial habits and your decisions? Something we can say about Jessica is that shopping was her weakness, especially emotional ones. I bought when I was very happy, when I was sad and even angry. But not only that, I also bought snacks while shopping, increasing expenses.

What Jessica needed was to set some limits and encourage the habit of saving. And above all, make sure that he was using the correct credit card, and that for each purchase he was accumulating points or earning discounts.

Interest rates were very high and both were in trouble


Oh no, here come the problems! Rose Alen is one of the main characters of How I Met Your Mother, and during the series we were able to fully understand her relationship with Marshall. However, Rose had a serious problem with purchases, accumulating debts for a huge amount. And he said nothing to Marshall! This brought problems when they wanted to buy an apartment, because, of course, interest rates were very high and both were in trouble.

She would definitely have been able to use a debt purchase to refinance and pay off debts at a pace that was comfortable for both of them. And something else we would add is that he had to be sincere from the start with his partner, since his financial problems would become the problems of both.

Opportunity to generate interest

Well, Brown was producing money illegally, but that’s what the whole series was about, so something we can highlight is what he did with it once he got it: He kept it at home! It was the clearest example of “keeping money under the mattress.” Brown was missing every opportunity to generate interest, to invest and any other benefit he could have derived from that cash. That was until another character took care of the administrative part.

So what would be the advice for those who have large amounts of money and keep it in different corners of their home? Get a savings account! Open a fixed term deposit, start investing. Choose the option that seems most attractive to you but start to generate interest, because otherwise, you are missing many opportunities.

Everyone who has seen some episodes of the series have been able to prove that Jody led a lifestyle that he sometimes could not afford. Her weakness with purchases led her to spend up to 40 thousand dollars on shoes without having a place to live, she ate almost always away from home, which leads us to ask, and her savings? In addition, their income during the series was not exactly stable.

Organize your budget

Costing a luxurious lifestyle has nothing wrong, as long as you are able to afford it and have your priorities clear. Can you imagine spending 5,000 soles on shoes without even having an emergency fund or some savings? So what should Jody do? A little less shopping and more reality: place a limit amount you spend per month, organize your budget and make sure you were leaving something in your account for monthly savings.

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